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Cotton Candy Double Wing

Hey every one! So this tutorial is all about the eyeliner. I wanted to try something more colorful opposed to your typical black liner. So first I applied a base to my lid to keep my  eyeshadow from moving or creasing. Because this look focuses on the eyeliner I’m gonna keep the shadow pretty simple. I used sphinx cream shadow by urban decay all over my lid and blended it out a little over my crease, then i patted some mac reflects pearl glitter all over my lid.

Next i sketched out the shape of my eyeliner with a blue pencil eyeliner. You want to wing out your eyeliner on te top lid then go over it with a blue liquid liner to make it cleaner. Then begin lining your bottom lid, right below your lash line with the blue pencil, drag the eyeliner out following your top line leaving a gap between the two, drag it in and bring it slightly down creating a point. Go over it with your liquid liner to clean it up. Finally i added a hot pink liquid liner in between the gap you left. Just follow the  line you created on top.

Finish by filling in your brows, adding a highlight under your brow bone and adding mascara, thats it! The hardest part of this look is probably the eyeliner. The best way to master it is to practice practice practice! Have a safe and happy halloween everyone! -dee